Power Flushes

Power flushes are a necessity if your heating system isn’t working as efficiently as it could, if you notice rooms not heating up or cold spots on your radiators, its more than likely that they could be filled with sludge/debris preventing the full efficiency. Over time things break down and corrode and is a common thing to happen in a lot of older heating systems.

With our Power flushes we connect our power flush machine to your system and carry out a radiator by radiator clean. We use the relevant chemicals depending on your system and flush out everything through the Magnetic filters removing any Iron Oxide & Debris making your heating system much more efficient & longer lasting

Oil Boiler Services

Our oil boiler services are all carried out by an OFTEC registered engineer.

Gas Boiler Services

Our Gas boiler services are all carried out by a GAS SAFE registered engineer.

At Green Mechanical Solutions Ltd we have a dedicated team who are Mitsubishi Accredited with ECO qualified engineers. Heat pump Services are required in order to uphold any of your equipment’s manufacturing warranties.

Did you know that GMS provide services to both residential and commercial customers.