GMS ARE MCS Accredited Installers based in Buckingham

GMS are certified

Air SOURCE HEAT PUMP installers

At GMS we specialise in renewable solutions including the installation of Air Source Heat Pumps and Ground Source Heat Pumps. We are accredited Air Source Heat Pump Installers in Buckingham for Mitsubishi, Samsung and Veismann and are regulated by the MCS and Oftec.


Air Source Heat Pump Installers in Buckingham

Green Mechanical Solutions are certified Air Source Heat Pump Installers in Buckingham

Air source heat pumps (ASHP) are a system that can transfer heat from the outside of your property to inside. Using the latest technology principles of vapor compression refrigeration, it uses a refrigerant system involving a compressor and condenser to absorb heat and transfers it to your home. In simple terms they do the opposite of an air conditioning unit or fridge, rather than cooling it warms, the heat can then be distributed around your home by using your radiators or underfloor heating. Unlike gas and oil boilers, ASHP’s are typically designed to run 24/7 using low continuous amounts of heat and energy, rather than large amounts of energy and bursts of heat.

ASHP’s are run from electric and prevent any need for Gas or Oil installation, if you are looking to futureproof your home with a Green energy installation and want a low carbon footprint while potentially saving £100’s yearly on your energy bills then an Air Source Heat pump is for you.

Note – If you are looking to replace an existing gas or oil boiler for an ASHP you should also consider upgrading your home insulation. Whether this be filled cavity walls, additional loft insulation, double glazing your windows, they will all assist in helping you get the most out of your ASHP and reducing running costs.

Air Source Heat Pump Installers in Buckingham

Mitsubishi Accredited Installers

At Green Mechanical Solutions Ltd we are Mitsubishi Accredited Installers (AI) with a dedicated team of ECO qualified engineers entitling us to give 3 years manufacturer warranty on all our Heat Pump installations.

In addition to this we are Samsung Gen 6 qualified installers which entitles us to register a 7 year manufacturer warranty on all their Heat Pump installations.

Mitsubishi Accredited Installers

Did you know that GMS provide services to both residential and commercial customers.

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