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Whether you are looking to refresh your bathroom, you’ve just bought a new home, or you are completely remodelling your house, getting the opportunity to design your perfect bathroom can be a dream come true.

Bathrooms are one of those necessities that we might not really think about, but the difference a well-planned space can make on the way you view your home might surprise you.

However, getting the project off the ground means really getting grips with the details – and in this list we will hit on some of the most important considerations you should be making before you get started.

1. Assess Perfect Bathroom Needs

Not all bathrooms are the same. The functions that your perfect bathroom needs to provide will go a long way in the planning – an ensuite bathroom for the master bedroom will be very different in layout and contents than the family bathroom, for example.

Aside from the obvious basics like a toilet and washbasin, what else does your bathroom need to provide? A walk-in shower? A shower over the bath? A complete spa experience including a rain shower, marble-covered surfaces and a wet room finish?

Knowing exactly what you want your bathroom to do for you will make the rest of the planning much easier.

2. Design Inspiration

There are plenty of places where you can get design inspiration, both online and in person.

Hardware and home improvement stores will still carry bathroom fixtures and fittings, and specialist bathroom shops will even have full displays that you can check out, to see the designs in person and get a feel for how they will look in your home.

Another option is to look for inspiration online. You don’t have to search very far to see some outstanding examples of completed perfect bathrooms, and these should provide a good starting point for establishing your own ideas.

Look at things like colour schemes, tile preferences, and even some of the finishing touches like handles, art, and ornaments, too.

Elegant Roll Top Bath Freestanding

3. Measure

This is an important thing to consider when you are planning – measurements. While we would all love a spa bathroom with a slipper or a roll top bath, not many homes in the UK will have the floor space for such extravagance, especially when you consider that the average footprint of a British bathroom is the same size as a king-sized bed.

Measuring accurately and producing scale models that show where all the plumbing and pipes are connected, will help you to visualize what the finished room could look like – and you’ll be able to fully understand the space, too.

4.    Ask the Experts

This is where GMS comes into the equation. Our full-service bespoke bathroom packages help you every step of the way in your quest for a new perfect bathroom, starting with planning and design and working all the way through to completion.

Our bathroom installation team use the latest in CAD technology to bring your design and planning ideas to life, and this makes it so much easier for you to make the right decisions on everything from the depth of the bath to the right design on your tiles.

Choosing the right experts can be difficult, but at GMS we provide the right people at the right time to help you get the job done perfectly, fast.

5.    Be Realistic

Related to the point about measurements, it is important that you set your expectations according to not only the space you have available, but also to your budget. For most people, this will mean giving your bathroom a refresh rather than completely rearranging it. Relocating waste pipes and other plumbing issues can make the costs (and time taken) on your project soar, so it is worth being realistic about what you can achieve with the time and money that you have available.

Reputable bathroom installation teams will ensure that you are aware of the costs before work starts when possible, so you can feel comfortable.

Double Vanity with Towel Rails

6. Storage

This is something that older bathrooms might lack, and yet the recent trend for minimalism in bathrooms often create more storage problems than they solved. Almost everyone will want to keep their perfect bathroom surfaces clutter free, and that means having plenty of space to store not only toiletries, but also things like spare toilet rolls and extra towels.

This might mean some sort of unit with drawers, or it might mean a cupboard surrounding the base of your toilet.

Some people, particularly those who are touching up their ensuite, might want to consider creating recessed shelves within the wall of the shower. This makes for a discreet yet accessible storage location for shampoo and shower gel.

7. Lighting

There are a few ways you can choose to light your bathroom, but it is probably a good idea to consider where it will be situated and who will be using it before you decide.

In most cases, using a low light (or at least one less bright than a typical overhead light) would be beneficial; this is less likely to cause disturbance for late night visits to the bathroom and might even prevent you from waking up completely.

You will probably want to have the option of a brighter light in the room when it is needed though, for example for doing makeup or completing your nightly facecare routine. This can be achieved by a dimmer switch, or by installing lights around the mirror or some other focused light.

8. Ventilation

Bathrooms tend to be wet places, and they tend to remain wet for lengthy periods. When this means for you is that they can make damp an issue, especially on walls that are connecting to other rooms, like your bedroom, for example.

The best way to prevent damp problems from occurring is to ensure proper ventilation. If you are lucky this will include a big window, but you will also need to install some type of fan or similar ventilation system for the best results.

Just remember, you don’t want to have your fan switch tied into your light switch so you can decide when to turn it on.

9. Theme, Decoration, and Tiling

This is the part where you get to choose the overall look of the perfect bathroom you are creating, and for most people this is the part that is the most fun.

Trends for bathrooms change almost as often as in clothing fashion, but you are probably not going to be able to remodel your bathroom every time there is a new hot look – so go for something a little more classic if you are focused on longevity.

Tiles are an excellent choice, especially around baths, showers, and sinks. However, you might want to consider the option of making your room look bigger by using tiles on the floor and the walls – and even on the ceiling.

While highly decorated tiles might be in right now, they will likely make the bathroom feel small and constricted and could get dated quickly.

Above all, make sure that the design you choose is one that you love and that works with your style.

10. Organise the Work

When you are completing a perfect bathroom overhaul, there are several different tradespeople that you need to deal with – and when you choose GMS, all that effort is taken out of your hands.

We arrange everything, from the initial consultation until the job is complete. We will ensure that your design ideas are brought to life using our innovative CAD systems, and then arrange for all the different tradespeople to complete every stage of the remodel, from plumbers to bathroom fitters and even removing all the waste.

Using GMS means that not only will you save time and effort, but you will also be able to take advantage of knowing exactly who is in your home, how long the project will take, and what the next steps are – and who doesn’t want the bathroom of their dreams without all the hassle?

If you are ready to build your perfect bathroom, then contact the Bathrooms team today and let our bespoke bathroom design and installation team make your dreams a reality.